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Tara Reid’s topless Playboy shoot

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Whenever I think of who could possibly the worst piece of trash in Hollywood history, I am always torn between Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid. But amazingly, Tara Reid still rises a couple of coke hits higher than LiLo, because she somehow managed to convince the people over at Playboy to plaster her tits in their magazine, on the condition that the photoshopping department take no reservations and airbrush the fuck out of her body. I’m sure Tara’s tits are still the mangled horror we can never unsee when they accidentally leapt out during P. Diddy’s birthday, so I’m entirely unconvinced that these are her real hooters.

Still, I can’t ever complain about free tits, especially from some celebrity who used to be the hottest piece in Hollywood. Although look at Tara Reid now: tearing off her clothes just so her bank account can swim back to green. But again, who’s complaining? If this is how Hollywood’s residents go about saving their dying careers, then by all means, save them and show us them titties. For now though, I’ll settle with these hot Playboy pictures of Tara Reid topless.