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Tara Reid in rough anal sex

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Tara Reid’s ass gets stretched

Tara Reid prefers huge dicks. So much so that whenever she’s in an anal fuck fest it leaves her with a wide gaping ass. This excites her more than anything! You have the front row seat to watch her get banged in the ass with a monster cock in this video.

Who’s Been Fucking Tara Reid Lately?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

She’s sort of been out of circulation from the party scene, as far as I know.  Some reports have her recovering from all those plastic surgeries and hard partying by taking it easy out on some beach somewhere, but then there are other stories.  Those stories are what these pictures try to prove, which is that Tara Reid has gone on a cock-hungry pussy rampage, and she’s not out there resting, but instead, she’s pushing herself and going even wilder!

It’s not more binge-drinking though, that she’s doing this time, but instead she’s skipping all that foreplay to just get straight to the point and banging as many guys as she can.  Look at all these images of Tara Reid in a horny frenzy, getting her experienced pussy stretched even wider than it ever has, with some cockstud’s big, hard erection slamming into her from all angles.  Hell, she even takes it up the ass now, as one picture shows, and from the expression on her face, she’s totally loving it!

So who’s she been fucking lately?  Random guys?  They all look buff and ripped to me, so maybe she’s gone back to hooking up with football players.  For a slut as insatiable as Tara Reid, I guess it would take an entire locker room to satisfy her, so taking a tour of all those stadiums and hooking up with the players after every game should be able to give her what she wants!

And we all know what Tara Reid wants, right?  For more fresh and hot Tara Reid dirt, click on the previous highlight and see what you’ve been missing from Tara recently!