Tara Reid in rough anal sex

March 21st, 2016 by J

Tara Reid’s ass gets stretched

Tara Reid prefers huge dicks. So much so that whenever she’s in an anal fuck fest it leaves her with a wide gaping ass. This excites her more than anything! You have the front row seat to watch her get banged in the ass with a monster cock in this video.

Tara Reid’s Pussy Gets Fucked

October 5th, 2010 by tr
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You know what today desperately needs? A nice dose of Tara Reid naked streak for some hot self-pleasuring. Tara Reid never fails to amuse me, and the best thing about her is that she shows me what I exactly need to get me off. I’ve seen Tara Reid’s tits in her naked movies and I am convinced that she is by far the hottest blonde onscreen.
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Here’s a picture of Tara making lunch out of a big piece of man-meat.  This horny American Pie star shows that she’s got tons of talent in the deepthroat department too.  It’s funny how I was craving for Tara’s sexy beaver today.  Seeing Tara’s hot pussy is just plain erotic and in these naked pics, Tara Reid keeps giving me reasons to keep on lusting over her until my dick turns raw. Check out Tara Reid’s hot pussy and a lot more of her naked hardcore pics.

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Tara Reid’s topless Playboy shoot

April 28th, 2010 by tr

Whenever I think of who could possibly the worst piece of trash in Hollywood history, I am always torn between Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid. But amazingly, Tara Reid still rises a couple of coke hits higher than LiLo, because she somehow managed to convince the people over at Playboy to plaster her tits in their magazine, on the condition that the photoshopping department take no reservations and airbrush the fuck out of her body. I’m sure Tara’s tits are still the mangled horror we can never unsee when they accidentally leapt out during P. Diddy’s birthday, so I’m entirely unconvinced that these are her real hooters.

Still, I can’t ever complain about free tits, especially from some celebrity who used to be the hottest piece in Hollywood. Although look at Tara Reid now: tearing off her clothes just so her bank account can swim back to green. But again, who’s complaining? If this is how Hollywood’s residents go about saving their dying careers, then by all means, save them and show us them titties. For now though, I’ll settle with these hot Playboy pictures of Tara Reid topless.

Tara Reid’s Lesbian Experiment

July 31st, 2008 by tr

With all the guys Tara Reid’s slept with, it’s not surprising that she’s recently decided to try something else, and take a break from all that cock.  For a horny slut like her, that can only mean one thing — it’s time for Tara to take a dive into the muff of some hot n’ sexy slut!  Over here we’re calling it the Tara Reid Lesbian Experiment, which is also what we’d like to call our band, except that our band only exists when we’re playing Rock Band on the office 360.  Anyhoo, when we’re not playing, we love watching Tara in sizzling Sapphic action, which is what God created eyes for.  It’s erections all around when you see a Hollywood slut like Tara get it on with someone as hot n’ sexy as her, or even moreso!  And in that other picture here, it looks like Tara’s recruiting some other young Hollywood hotties to finger that sweet poontang of hers.  Interesting…

Who doesn’t love lesbian celebrity porn?  Well, you can click here for more of Tara’s raunchy escapades, as well as that of her friends, too!  So what are you waiting for?

Who’s Been Fucking Tara Reid Lately?

July 31st, 2008 by tr

She’s sort of been out of circulation from the party scene, as far as I know.  Some reports have her recovering from all those plastic surgeries and hard partying by taking it easy out on some beach somewhere, but then there are other stories.  Those stories are what these pictures try to prove, which is that Tara Reid has gone on a cock-hungry pussy rampage, and she’s not out there resting, but instead, she’s pushing herself and going even wilder!

It’s not more binge-drinking though, that she’s doing this time, but instead she’s skipping all that foreplay to just get straight to the point and banging as many guys as she can.  Look at all these images of Tara Reid in a horny frenzy, getting her experienced pussy stretched even wider than it ever has, with some cockstud’s big, hard erection slamming into her from all angles.  Hell, she even takes it up the ass now, as one picture shows, and from the expression on her face, she’s totally loving it!

So who’s she been fucking lately?  Random guys?  They all look buff and ripped to me, so maybe she’s gone back to hooking up with football players.  For a slut as insatiable as Tara Reid, I guess it would take an entire locker room to satisfy her, so taking a tour of all those stadiums and hooking up with the players after every game should be able to give her what she wants!

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Tara Reid Loves Spreading Her Legs And Touching Herself

July 31st, 2008 by tr

We know that Tara Reid loves to party.  Her escapades are all over the internet and the blogosphere, and every drunken ‘oops moment’ of Tara has been documented, from parties with Paris and Lindsay in LA, to collapsing on a Bali beach, to a Hooker’s Ball in Australia.  Then of course there’s that infamous wardrobe malfunction at Puff Daddy’s birthday party in New York in 2004.  That really made our gal an internet sensation, and became one of the most downloaded Tara Reid breast pics of all time.

But here are some images that haven’t made the rounds as much as that, probably because of its shocking content.  If you think Tara Reid’s gone wild before, think again.  There’s nothing as naughty in the mainstream tabloids as what she’s doing in the dirty pics we have here, where she’s completely naked and spreading her legs to expose her pink for everyone to see.  And that’s not all — she’s obviously playing with her pussy, not just spreading it and showing it off to whoever wants to check it out.

Yes, Tara’s been called a skank for all the partying she’s done, and for all the men she’s hooked up with, which include lots of famous people like her ex-fiancee Carson Daly, Russian hockey star Sergei Fedorov, tennis player Mark Philippoussis, and football players Tom Brady, Jeremy Shockey, Kyle Boller and Kevin Mawae.  Talk about letting the whole locker room have a go at her!  It only goes to show that her pussy is the center of her life, and she’s damn proud of it, as well she should be, which is why she’s been showing it off a lot lately (not to mention feeding it with some big dildos!)

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